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I set out to communicate sense through shape and explain insight through visual creation. Feeling for the structure and transforming volume into surface, results in given space. My need to reshape reality is an on-going development that focuses on diverse activities within our visual world by which, senses attract and hypnotize. I explore different planetary perspective reinterpret them into sculptural metaphoric objects. 


Working in a variety of crafts and visual interventions, Mateusz Wiewiorowski (1988) designs metaphoric sculptures and graphic concepts – exploring the wonder around each creation. Studying at Design Academy Eindhoven, Chelsea University of Art/Design in London and taking entrepreneurship courses in New York, his training started before school and continued after – from furniture management at Barcelona’s Design Center to learning from old craftsmen in Wroclaw and back to spatial adaptation in his hometown Stavanger. Continuously experimenting with limits on imagination and experiance with Azulik in Tulum, Mexico for 2 years. Currently developing new public space works in around the concept of seed, he continues to bring visual poetry into different atmospheres – investigating the behavior of lively materials and their outcomes.


by: Adrian Madlener  -  Design Journalist



Dec 2021 - Art Basel Miami (Growing seed Public Space Sculpture) Miami, United States

Dec 2020 - Pegaso Art Exhibition (Rainy Heaven) Wroclaw, Poland

July 2019 - Project Ciclo Solo Exhibition (Obsee Eruption) Mexico City, Mexico

Jan 2019 -  Space Installation (Portal Chair and Star Sculpture) Tulum, Mexico

Feb 2018 - Azulik Installation (String Lounges) Tulum, Mexico
Aug 2018 - Adam Mickiewicz Foundation (Reflected II Chair) Warszaw, Poland
July 2017 - Structure Exhibition / Matusiak Gallery (Reflected II Chair) London, United Kingdom

June  2015 -  Galerie Joseph - Connected Chair (D´days Craft & Evolution) Paris, France

Oct    2014 -  Nasza Polska ( Tl mag & Pro materia ) (Stone Chair .II ) Brussels design week, Belgium

Sept   2014  - La Rotonde Gallery ( Tl mag & Pro materia ) (Stone Chair and Table) Paris design week, France

July    2014  - Rigth Time, Wrong City (Curator & Representive) Stavanger, Norway

May   2013  - Wroclove Design Festival (White reflected chair & Lamp without lamp) Wroclaw, Poland

Oct    2012 - .II Gallery (Solo Exhibtion - Reaviling Creations) Stavanger, Norway

June  2012 - Chelsea Art&Design B.A Graduation Show (Refleced behaviour Collection) London, United Kingdom

June  2011 - Noir Art Collective (Wonders / graphic work) New York, United States



(BA) Architecture / Spatial Design, Chelsea University Art & Design London. United Kingdom (2010 -2012)

(BA) Man and Living, Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2008 - 2010)

Experiance :

June- Dec 2020 (Cancelled -Covid19)
Nomadic Architects. Sri Lanka - Rotterdam (Public Space Commission)

May - Sept 2020
Bore Surf Senter. Jæren, Norway (
Public Space Art Residence / Brand )

Aug 2018 - Jan 2019
PapayaPlayaProjects. Tulum, Mexico (Creative Director / Brand / Concept Development)

May 2018

Art With Me Tulum. Festival, Mexico (Brand Director)

May 2017 - May 2018
Azulik. Tulum, Mexico
(Creative Director / Brand / Concept Development)

May 2015 - Jan 2017
Wiew Color app. Wroclaw, Poland (Founder / Brand)

July 2011 - July 2016

Sandnes Kommune. Sandnes, Norway (Craft) SummerTeacher & Production Skateboards


Dec 2012 - July 2014
Sting resturant - klubb. Stavanger, Norway (Events & Art Shows)

Aug - Nov 2012 (Art director)

July 2010
Gladmat Festival. Stavanger, Norway (Creative event designer, Extreme Dinners)



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